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The following quotes reflect the growing interest in educational reform and independent program evaluation.

What gets measured gets done.
If you don't measure results, you can't tell success from failure.
If you can't see success, you can't reward it.
If you can't reward success, you're probably rewarding failure.
If you can't see success, you can't learn from it.
If you can't recognize failure, you can't correct it.
If you can demonstrate results, you can win public support.

Reinventing Government
David Osborne and Ted Gaebler

"Reform is always a work in progress. Since the world is a dynamic place and conditions within schools and communities change over time, there is no guarantee that a strategy that works today will work equally well tomorrow . . . Evaluation can help schools determine how to adjust the reform process to meet selected objectives."

Fitting the Pieces: Education Reform That Works
U. S. Department of Education
October, 1996

"An LEA must describe how it would evaluate the implementation of comprehensive school reforms in its schools and measure the results achieved in improving student academic performance for all students in participating schools."

Guidance on the Comprehensive School Reform Demonstration Program
U. S. Department of Education
March 12, 1998

"What explains this paradox of successful programs and failing students? . . . Despite many reports of success, we find few objective evaluations conducted by independent investigators."

Herbert J. Walberg and Rebecca C. Greenberg
The Diogenes Factor
Education Week

April 8, 1998

"Subject schools on an annual basis to an external, curriculum-based evaluation, focusing on student learning. The results of such an annual assessment would be made public and would serve to inform parents about the quality of each school."

Adam Urbanski
President , Rochester Teachers Association, Rochester, N.Y.
Vice President, American Federation of Teachers
Make Public Schools More Like Private Schools
Education Week
January 31, 1996

"The state of California's Department of Education sponsors a School Improvement Program (SIP) . . . The SIP consists of a school self-evaluation, supplemented with periodic outside review."

Fitting the Pieces: Education Reform That Works
U. S. Department of Education
October, 1996

"The Consortium on Chicago School Research was initiated in 1990 as an independent federation of Chicago area organizations that have joined together to undertake a range of research activities to assist the implementation of school reform, assess its progress over time, and more generally support school improvement in Chicago."

From the Mission Statement
Consortium on Chicago School Research

"Administration, educators of the future would be constantly upgrading their instructional practices, curricula, and services in light of new knowledge, especially program evaluations by neutral and skilled evaluation agencies."

Robert E. Slavin
How Title I Can (Still) Save America's Children
Education Week

May 21, 1997

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